Barcelona to London in One Night Pre Lockdown.

What can I say about the AirRider that could express my incredible gratitude to the simple fact this product actually exists. Earlier on in the year when the world was still normal and whilst I was over from Spain visiting the London Excel Motorcycle show I had the fortunate premonition to buy one.

Who am I?

I am 47 years of age and stand 6 ft tall. I am no spring chicken and for my sins, I have decided to own a GSX-S1000. I have been riding for over 25 years and you could say I have seen a lot and experienced even more than a lot on two wheels. I had purchased the AirRider to use on my long ride outs exploring the amazing Catalan road network. But never ever did I think I was going to need it for an emergency road trip back to the UK.

A Race Against Time.

My departure from Barcelona was on the 13th March, an ill-prepared and last-minute trip. My preparation time for this journey was literally no longer than one hour. I was kitted out in summer riding gear, (which for Barcelona is perfect) a small tank bag and my AirRider. I would like to say that the installation process was incredibly simple and easy. From never having installed an AirRider onto my motorbike to actually completing the installation, it only took me 10 min. Once I started my journey the AirRider immediately gave me a luxurious feel, but it was later on into the journey where I really got to experience the full extent of how the AirRider works and how it would help me. Unfortunately, because of the cold weather and bad visibility, my progress across the south-west coast of France was painfully slow adding hours to my journey.

A video testimonial by Simon Moreira. Filmed while travelling through the EuroTunnel.

Cold, Tired but a Pain Free Butt!

 By the time I reached Montélimar the sun was starting to rise and I was grateful for the minuscule amount of warmth the sun shined onto my body, especially my hands. I reach Lyon in France a few hours later and since I had left Barcelona I had only stopped for fuel and a quick coffee. During this whole ride, all I could think of was what my body would have felt like after 6 hours journey time if I didn’t have my AirRider. By the time I have made it to Troyes in France again only stopping for fuel and the odd coffee, I had made an incredible discovery.

 I could fully inflate the AirRider and adjust the air pressure as I rode along. Quickly I discovered that even if I released the air valve on the AirRider for less than a split second it was enough to change the feel of the seat and allow my body to change its seating pressure points.

By the time I passed Reims in France, I also realised that if I increased the air pressure on my AirRider it actually alleviated my knees as it changed my seating hight ever so slightly. eventually, I arrived at the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais 20 hours after leaving Barcelona and in all that time I had stopped for fuel 6 times, toilet about 6 and had 3 of the strongest and biggest coffees you have ever seen in your life.

The relief of having arrived at the Euro tunnel terminal building also got me thinking. I would have never been able to complete this journey if it was not for the AirRider.

It made the journey possible and in actual fact kept me safe by allowing my concentration to stay focused on the road rather than being uncomfortable. So I would like to give my full backing to this product, it is a serious game changer for long distance riding, or even for those of who might suffer from joint or pressure pain from prolonged periods of riding. Honestly, I haven’t been this excited about a motorcycle product since I discovered heated gloves. the AirRider is the best motorcycle accessory for anyone planning a long time on the saddle, hands down. The AirRider has my complete vote of confidence and I fully recommend it to anyone who is serious about riding.

 Congratulations on an amazing product and I wish you all the possible success for the future. A very happy customer. 

Barcelona – London trip stats.

London has it’s own special charm.

Distance Covered:            975.5 miles (1570 km)

Time door to door:          22 hours (Poblenou, BNC/ Croydon, LON)

Fuel:                                    €92.55

Tolls:                                   €82.84

Le Shuttle:                         £114 (Flexi Ticket)

Tyes:                                    £?

Chain Sprocket:                £?