Will the AirRider Fit my Bike?

Yes, we currently have four sizes + a pillion seat. Within our size range you are guaranteed to find the correct AirRider Size for your Motorcycle.

Do I need any tools to Install the AirRider?

No, none. You might need a tool to remove your seat from the frame but for that please follow your manufactures instructions.

Is it difficult to install?

Not at all, the hard part is lifting your seat. The easy to follow instruction will take you step by step and we are sure you find the whole procedure effortless and simple.

Once on the Motorbike do, I need to readjust the AirRider?

The position of the AirRider cushion should not require much adjustment. But obviously we all have different body shapes, riding styles and seating positions. So, if required you may easily adjust the AirRider by loosening the straps and then re-tightening them again once you have repositioned the AirRider.

Does the AirRider Require any maintenance such as batteries or air canisters?

NO, the simple yet innovative design of the AirRider eliminates all of these scenarios. There are no air canisters and no batteries required to operate the AirRider.

So how does the AirRider function?

Obviously, we cannot go into the full design features of our product, but what we can divulge is that the air pressure inside the cushion is lower than the atmospheric air pressure around us. So when the valve is open-air rushes in to fill the void.

Can I adjust the cushion?

Yes absolutely, this is one of the most attractive features of the AirRider. Once inflated with air you may sit on the AirRider, as your body weight pushing down on the cushion it will create stronger air pressure within the AirRider than the atmospheric air pressure around us. As you open the AirRider valve a controlled amount of air escapes allowing you to regulate the amount of air inside the AirRider.

Do you give a warranty on the AirRider?

Yes, the product comes with a two year from purchase warranty.

Can I use my AirRider on different Motorcycles?

Yes, Absolutely the installation process is so simple that you will easily be able to change it from bike to bike.

Can I purchase separate straps for my AirRider?

Yes, absolutely no problem.

Can I receive any customer support?

Yes, we are always here to help our customers in any way we can. Just email us at info@airrideronline.com

Should I need to order more than one AirRider can you offer me a discount?

Yes, If you have an order greater than 3 units do get in touch.

What if I change my Mind can I send the item back for a refund?

Yes. Your consumer rights are not affected.

How long will it take to arrive at my address and will it be tracked?

Your AirRider seat will be shipped within 24 hours of confirmation:

UK orders should be with you in 2 days. Tracked

EU orders should be with you in 2-4 days. Tracked

WorldWide orders should be with you in 5-10 days. Tracked